Ashley & Austin

I’ve known Austin since Freshman year in high school. Our friendship has withstood time and distance challenges, and I am beyond grateful to call him one of my closest (and most sarcastic) friends.

Ashley is the only woman I know who can handle Austin, his sense of humor, forgetfulness. Ten years ago, he forgot our tickets to the homecoming dance. A few weeks ago on their wedding day, Austin forgot to bring his dress shirt — to no one’s surprise.

But being with Ashley has changed him in other ways for the best. They now have a beautiful family together, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to capture it all on the biggest day of their lives. My favorite part? The bubble sendoff for their final dance! Check it all out below.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Tampa Bay Downs, Tampa, FL

Caterer: Tampa Bay Downs, Tampa, FL

Videographer: Roger Wolfe

Second Photographer: Behind the Lens Photography

DJ: Ben Daniele

Officiant: Jason Sowell

Florist: The Bride’s Bouquet

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